Luxurious Warm Copper Tones on Brushed Aluminum

Luxurious Copper

The Juxtaposed Mood Board explores contrasting finishes on aluminum with varying gloss levels, selective textures and color opacity - all using basic silver and black colors resulting in clean and elegant looks. These same structures have been refined using warm copper tones - adding a sense of luxury to the mix. Here is a snapshot of a couple of them:

I love this copper transparent tint on brushed aluminum and how the selective low gloss creates a soft satin feel. The high gloss texture detail on the high gloss bead has an inlaid look. This shows basic decoration and yet speaks of rich, refined tastes.

DES 1500 O web

The same copper tint on brushed aluminum is further enhanced with high gloss piano black and coordinating metallic copper in the finish below. The result is a sophisticated look that draws you in. The contrasting lines add interest with a bit of dimension achieved through texture. 

DES 1500 N web

What colors would you use to further transform these structures? Share your ideas below!


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