Aluminum Automotive Trim

Metal Center Stack Trim

Variations on aluminum center stack trim are created off the same tooling.  Changing the look is achieved through the aluminum decoration.  Most often when working with aluminum trim, designers build on the reflective quality of metal.  Simple geometric finishes shown here let the aluminum characteristics shine through.  Selective brushing is the base process for several of the finishes building flip or movement into the surface.

One of the first things anyone does when they see the trim is to reach out and touch the surface.  It is as if we are looking for validation that it feels as it appears.  We are somehow disappointed when the surface is smooth.  These finishes do not disappoint.  The texture integrated into each of the patterns is screen printed.  The texture can be applied in various gloss levels to achieve a subtle effect.  A black texture adds contrast to the technical finish.

Aluminum automotive trim is completed using an aluminum in-mold or crimped process, integrating the aluminum skin and plastic carrier into one piece.  You can use aluminum trim to carry a theme throughout a vehicle on trim in areas such as:

  • switchplates
  • consoles
  • door rails
  • panels
  • gear knobs 
  • sill plates
  • gear surrounds
  • knobs
  • wheel inserts
  • touch controls
  • steering wheel inserts
  • instrument panel

Updating the trim with a new finish allows easy differentiation for new models or a refresh.  Cost is minimized since a common tool is used for all trim variations.  Graphics can be added to the trim to further differentiate and customize products. 

How would you integrate aluminum trim into a vehicle?  A washer and dryer? A laptop or printer?  What type of finish would you use?

Request samples of aluminum trim to see examples of the crimped and aluminum in-mold process.