2 Must Haves in Point of Purchase Nameplate or Label Design

Point of Purchase Nameplates and Labels

Consumer products need to grab attention and make the buyer feel like they must have this widget right now.  Your nameplate or label design needs to help with this goal.  Two items which should be considered in your design are the product branding and the performance needs of the label.  Below is an overview of each of these.

Product Branding

Product branding plays a key role in making consumer products stand out at the point of purchase.  What makes a buyer pick your product versus the others on the shelf?  How do you differentiate from your competitors?  Color can help with this.

This multicolor polyester label illustrates the use of process color to add dimension to a label and draw attention to the product.  It balances the important aspects of aesthetics and performance.  

multicolor polyester label

The decoration options for point of sale products are wide open for alternate processes such as doming and silk screening.  Each of these provide durability and attractive solutions to draw attention to the brand, helping to sell the product.   

Performance Needs

Getting the buyer to follow through on the purchase is just the beginning for a quality product.  You want to build brand loyalty and buzz.  Therefore, the nameplate which shows your brand needs to last and continue to show well for your product.  Will the product be exposed to sunlight or severe changes in temperature?  Maybe it will be used in an area that is prone to chemical spills or certain cleaners.  Or could there be chance of the product being dropped or having items dropped onto its surface?  These are all questions to take into consideration and communicate appropriately when looking for a supplier for your labels.

A blend of industry expertise, science and technology assures your label performance.  Quality processes assure product consistency worldwide.  Our engineers collaborate on innovating methods of manufacturing, benefiting both labeling performance and aesthetics.  Northern Engraving's in-house testing facilities ensure:

  • Fade resistance
  • Durability
  • Fluid resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Abrasion resistance

It is important to have clear understanding and direction of the expectations and requirements for each of these areas. Communication early in the design and quoting phase of a project means that appropriate costs are compiled as well as calculation of an accurate launch timeline.  Attention to detail during the launch as well as repeat production runs results in your satisfaction with quality parts to meet your schedule. 

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