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designers reference guide for nameplates and trim

Understanding the options available to you in designing your nameplate, label or badge can be overwhelming.  The Northern Engraving Designer's Reference Guide is an educational set of four pages which briefly explain the various nameplate processes.  Nameplates on metal and plastic substrates are attached further illustrating the processes and options available to you.  The metal and plastic substrates include:

   •metal:  aluminum and stainless steel 
   •plastic:  polyester, polycarbonate and vinyl

The first page covers basic options and processes in decorating metal.  These include:

   •color: metallic, opaque, transparent and process
   •gloss: low, medium, high and selective
   •enhanced: doming, pattern and texture

The second page covers basic options and processes for plastic nameplates and labels.  These include:

   •color: metallic, opaque, transparent, process, back lit and deadfront
   •enhanced: doming, brushed, serialization, hardcoat, pattern and texture

Page three features additional decorative metal processes and options.  These include:

   •mechanical:  diamond cut, engine stripe, engine turn, brush, spin, laser etch
   •chemical:  anodize, chemical etch, and etch and fill

The final page focuses on nameplate tooling options on metal and plastic substrates.  These include:

   •aluminum: coin, deboss, emboss, form, Singular ID and Nova Trim
   •plastic:  emboss, form and NecoDome

We offer the guides to assist you in your next product branding project.  Request the Designer's Reference Guide to begin exploring the options available to you in nameplates and labels.  Additional resources available include a nameplate resources section on our web site and a nameplate FAQ.



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