Enhance Domed Aluminum Nameplates with Metallic Inks

Metallic Inks with Domed Aluminum Nameplates

Have you been looking for a way to add dimension and enhance the decoration for your aluminum nameplate? Try this. Metallic inks on aluminum nameplates use flecks of silver to reflect a metallic, sandblast finish. The finer the fleck, the more matte and subtle the finish becomes. The coarser the fleck, the effect becomes more pronounced and visual. Adding a clear dome to the metallic ink enhances the decoration while providing durability and resistance to abrasion or chemical exposure.

Norlens On Metallics

Decorating Options

Metallic inks combine well with transparent tints, embossed graphics and subtle halftone printing for an extensive array of decorating options. In the examples above, metallic colors are developed from soft blue and champagne gold as well as black and dark green are explored. The center image shows a standard silver metallic with embossed snowflake graphic that is further enhanced with a halftone border. Visit the Domed Gallery for more examples.

Now that you are aware of the possiblities to enhance your domed nameplate with metallic inks, where will you use this? We can help!

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