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This article is part of a series of articles from my co-workers on their favorite nameplates. Seth Jacobson, our guest blogger this week, chose an aluminum nameplate which was designed to grab attention for a consumer product's point of purchase display.

antique bronze finish on aluminum nameplateI’ve owned a pair of Bushnell Binoculars since before I can remember. So when I first saw this aluminum nameplate I immediately had flashbacks of years of hunting and Sunday evening drives looking for deer. Not only does this badge bring back a ton of memories, but represents what I think of the Bushnell brand. Blue collar, reliable, no frills. The simulated antique brass finish is a subtle look for the embossed brand name and border.  Coupled with a textured background, the overall look fits the image of outdoors and recreation. This is a great example of how a nameplate doesn't have to use high gloss and bright colors to stand out and grab attention.

Seth J


Seth Jacobson Sales Development Representative

Seth reviews requests that are received via our website and works with new customers to ensure a smooth transition to production. He also assists the Customer Service team with key account management.

What type of environment does your nameplate or label need to be used in? 

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