Why Choose a Stock Die for your Aluminum Nameplate?

Common questions when looking at label and nameplate options are how much is this going to cost and how quick can I get parts? Standard decorating costs apply no matter what direction is taken and is dependent on your design needs. We'll work with you to find the most economical way to make your brand speak and stand out. Timing for your samples and first production is set based on proof approval and availability of tooling. If you do not have time to allow a custom tool build or need to keep your initial investment at a minimum, consider reviewing available stock dies.

Aluminum Stock Dies

Stock Dies Collage

Aluminum flat blank and 3D formed edge stock dies are available for use if standard shapes (circle, oval, square or rectangle) can be used and no emboss or deboss operation is required. Provide your artwork and confirm decoration needed and we're all set to review pricing so you can place your production order. Stock dies are cost effective, with additional benefit of the tool being ready for production. A minimal modification fee may be required for the tool to prepare it for your unique design. Tolerances of ±.005" to shape and ±.015" for graphic location should be allowed. If a stock die is not feasible, a custom tool will be required.

Decorating Options

Aluminum stock dies combine well with just about any decorating process to produce the look and design that your brand needs. From basic lithography and screen printing of a logo to complex layering of mechanical finishes or textures, your options are not limited. 

aluminum stock die, customized nameplate

Benefits of using stock dies

  • Production ready tooling is onhand - no build schedule required

  • Cost effective - little to no tooling expense required 

  • Design friendly - customize with your logo and text using standard decorating processes

Now that you have reviewed the basics of stock die tooling, where will you use it? Let us help!


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