Mechanical Finish Options in Nameplates


Mechanically Finished Nameplates

Designers use mechanical finishes in nameplates to add a classic look and quality image to product branding. Mechanical finishes build on the natural metal character of aluminum.  They enhance aluminum as an authentic material. Detail, movement and depth are created that is unimitated in other substrates. Standard mechanical finishes used in nameplates are:



Engine Turn

Engine Stripe

Mechanical finishes can be applied overall or selectively. A screen printed mask is used when applying selective mechanical finishes. This protects areas of the metal from abrasion. The mask is washed off after the brushing or spinning operation. Multiple mechanical finishes combine into a nameplate or badge for a precise or jewel-like appearance. Transparent tints of color are layered on mechanical finishes creating custom effects. Embossing further enhances the product brand.

Mechnanical finishes have traditionally been used in the background of nameplates. A popular option in recent years has been to incorporate an engine turned or striped finish into graphics creating subtle movement in the logo. The result is an alternative to a diamond cut process in that it catches the eye.  It has an almost holographic appearance. The mechanical finish itself is disguised.

What is your favorite mechanical finish? How would you incorporate it into a nameplate, label or badge?

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