Inspirational Nameplates and Trim with a Pattern

When designing your nameplate or label, of course the logo or name is the highlight.  Maybe you want to add some interest and perceived value for the brand.  Perhaps there is a need to differentiate one series from another within the product line.  Have you thought about adding a pattern to your design?  

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Patterns in nameplates and labels can be found in any market from consumer electronics and recreational equipment to POP/Promotional and Packaging.  While patterns in our library are developed on aluminum, many of them can be translated to plastic substrates.  

Here are some examples of nameplates, labels and trim which utilize patterns in various ways.


Endless Possibilities

The possibilities are endless when considering pattern in your design.  Choose from finishes ranging from technical and brushed to marble and carbon fiber.  Build your own or pick one from our diverse selection of surfaces.  Mechanical finishesprinting and screening processes are used to build patterns.  All are easily integrated into the background of a nameplate to add interest and make your brand name stand out.  Once designed, changes in pattern can be used to differentiate between models in a product line.  The possibilities are as diverse as the brands that use them.

library of thousands of patterns and options is at your finger tips.  The ability to customize color, scale and substrate is wide open.   Can you use any of these in your next design?

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