Nameplate and Trim as One Piece

Integrating Product Branding into Your Panel 

Trim decoration and brand identity are sometimes thought to be separate design considerations.  It is possible to integrate these items so that the nameplate and trim become one piece.  How is this done?  Selectively applied doming is one option.

Selective Application

Norlens, a doming process, is a urethane-based material which provides durability and added dimension to the decoration.  It pairs nicely with a brushed aluminum background.  When applied over a transparent tint, doming helps the logo take on a jewel-like appearance which then increases perceived value.

Selective domed aluminum embossed overlay

Brushed aluminum trim, selective doming, embossed graphics

This aluminum panel made for Crown International is a great example.  The end result is an overlay which provides the functional label information as well as consistent corporate branding.

•     Brushed aluminum finish for the background provides the main surface of the trim piece.
•     Transparent blue ink along with black embossed letters shows the corporate logo. 
•     Selective doming creates another dimensional level and draws attention from the consumer to enhance brand awareness. 
•     One part number for inventory and assembly instructions with no worries for alignment.

Can your trim benefit by incorporating your logo into the design?  Need help to identify the options?  Request samples and explore the possibilities. 


Nameplate Materials & Processes Guide

There are many options to explore when designing an aluminum nameplate. Samples are a great way to explore and better understand the options available. Northern engraving offers a Nameplate Materials and Processes Guide with numerous samples on metal and plastic substrates to assist you in the process.





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