Cobra Radar Detector Trim

cobra radar detector aluminum trim CS


cobra aluminum trim 5 CS
“The development of the aluminum badges to fit onto a contoured, plastic surface and have them permanently stay affixed under extreme temperature range proved extremely difficult but, the NE team pulled through.”

Tony Kainuma
Cobra Electronics


“The design challenge was to come up with decorative variations that helped identify various price skus without having to retool parts. The ability to reach various finishes that makes the product look modern and clean to very deluxe on a single piece of aluminum that had many complex surfaces was impressive. The talent and  experience  of the design and engineering staff was the reason we were able to come up with the solution. Their knowledge of trends from other industries brought a fresh approach to this solution. The other element that truly helped bring this to fruition was the great presentation of Northern Engraving's endless capabilities from the sales team. Often times great ideas do not make it without the proper people helping with painting the picture. The sales team was crucial in implementing confidence and excitement into my client.”

Gilberto Cavada
Senior Designer
Product Development Technologies, Inc.


Multi-faceted Formed Aluminum
Screen Printed Aluminum


Cobra Radar Detectors


Use aluminum trim to differentiate product and be able to withstand extreme temperature variations


The multi-faceted geometry of this aluminum trim adds to the eye-catching appeal of both parts.  The designer worked closely with Northern Engraving early in the project visiting our Design Studio and Engineering Group to discuss the project and better understand options in integrating product branding into metal trim. Trends in finishes were explored with the final design taking advantage of a custom finish.  Careful attention was paid to maximizing impact while minimizing costs. The trim illustrates effectively how early discussion between supplier and customer results in a design that takes full advantage of options in decorating metal. The small geometric pattern subtly evolves as it shifts front to back.

A combination of inks and protective topcoats allows the decorative trim to withstand extreme temperatures.