Why Invest in Aluminum Nameplates and Plastic Labels?

Aluminum nameplates and plastic labels communicate brand awareness

Justification for Nameplates and Labels

As a product engineer or designer you have several elements in your project to keep in check for costs. Certain items like certifications, licenses and patents typically take front seat. All of these add up and eat away at a project budget. Why would you want to include nameplates in your product design? Brand identification means delivering a message to your target market. 

Brand Identification is More than a Sticker

Nameplates and labels add substance to the brand with a look and feel which cannot be achieved through transfer decoration. Mechanical finishes on aluminum show movement and depth in the decoration which can increase perceived value for the product. Polycarbonate overlays provide the ability to have functional backlit graphics in addition to attractive showcase for the logo.

Nameplates are an Extension of the Brand

A great deal of effort typically goes into your brand identity to select the right colors and type style. Even standard asset tags can benefit from paying attention to the graphics and design. A nameplate gives opportunity for the brand image and value to carry over to the product identification. A premium product can be dressed up even more with a premium badge.

Aluminum Nameplates and Plastic Labels Deliver your Message

No matter if you are looking for a basic asset tag or for a premium badge, take the time to think through what the message is that your brand identification is sending. Aluminum nameplates offer decoration processes which can increase perceived value for the brand. Plastic labels and overlays provide options for attractive branding to elevate your brand in the market.

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Aluminum Nameplate and Plastic Label Options Whitepaper

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