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Tight Space for Decoration? No Problem!

Pierced Aluminum Overlay, Decorated Metallic Aluminum
A common back to school item that shows up on supply lists is a scientific calculator. The function and number buttons on the face of the device do not leave much room for decoration or branding. Instead of seeing this as a negative, there is room to bring both into the design through the use of contrasting colors along with pierced aluminum. Here's how.

Metallic silver provides the overall background decoration. A darker gray metallic color contrasts for attention to the standard function button areas. For further distinction opaque blue colors are used on special function button areas as well as the logo branding and text. This combination results in a smart looking overlay.

Pierced holes along with a slight bend and emboss to the top of the part make it a functional overlay for the product. The buttons fit through the holes and the top window is open to allow the user to see the results of the calculations performed.

When designing an aluminum overlay, pay attention to the surface area available for brand awareness. A standard tolerance of +/- .015" is needed for graphic and text registration to the areas that are blanked or punched out. Keeping this in mind will result in an attractive and decorative aluminum trim piece for the end product.

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Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels