Using Halftones for Visual Dimension on Aluminum Nameplates

Typically dimension in metal nameplates is called out with embossed graphics or logos. This type of enhancement requires additional tooling operations which then impacts the cost of the part. This post takes a look at how some brands have steered clear of the added expense and instead made the most of standard decorating processes to include printed half tones to achieve a dimensional look.

Trex.jpgNameplates with Visual Dimension

This example is a cost effective aluminum emblem which gives the appearance of a mechanical finish being used across the middle of the part. The visual depth makes this look like the outside border is embossed metal.

PRO_flat.jpgAnother visual element that results from printing halftones on aluminum is a drop shadow. This effect creates a three-dimensional look for text or graphics as well as definition between a brushed background and bright aluminum graphics.


A third option to create dimension with printed halftones is to incorporate them with brushed aluminum. This is an inexpensive way to to achieve an embossed beveled edge look.

Getting the desired dimensional look for your nameplate doesn't have to be cost prohibitive. Using standard printing processes to include shadows or fades of color with halftones is a great way to keep cost in check. 

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