Simulated Anodized Finish for Aluminum Nameplates

Simulated Anodized Colors on Aluminum Nameplates

Anodized colors are achieved with dyes and a chemical process to harden and seal the metal. The resulting finish is elegant and durable. This type of decoration is limited to flat surfaces because forming or embossing the aluminum can result in cracks or breaks in the protective seal. The anodize process can also increase processing lead times. There is a solution to achieve the anodized look without sacrificing tooling or lead times. Here's how.


Tooling Freedom

Simulated anodized finishes for aluminum nameplates are cost effective option since the decoration is applied in the sheet. The finishes can be embossed or formed into complex shapes. The soft radiuses create natural highlights and shadows in the reflective metal surface.



Standard Lead Times

Transparent tints of color printed onto brushed metal with standard manufacturing processes create the desired anodized aluminum look and feel. No additional time is needed to wait for the chemical anodize process. Decoration is protected with a durable low gloss topcoat. Adjusting color completely changes the look of the finish.  


Color options are wide open. Cool or warm metal colors, soft pastels and intense bright colors are all possible with the simulated anodizing process for aluminum nameplates and badges.

Where could you use simulated anodized aluminum in your nameplate design? Let's talk!


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