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Prototype Tooling Options on Metal

This article covers the tooling and processes used to create prototype nameplate samples on metal.  Prototypes cover everything from hand-filed and hand-formed one-off samples to 500 samples using pre-production tooling.  Parts produced at this level are to be used for conceptual purposes only.  The information here is offered as a general guideline.  Each application is unique.  Our customer service representatives and engineers are available to answer questions specific to your project.

Types of prototype tools:

     1.  Throw-away tooling
     2.  Semi-production tooling
     3.  Pre-production tooling

Throw-Away Tooling

Throw-away tooling for prototypes involves a combination of processes such as hand filing, wire cutting and hand forming.  A limited number of prototypes are available in this manner.  It is the quickest and most affordable type of prototype tooling Northern Engraving offers.                      


  • fast turn around
  • low cost


  • limited to 10 pieces
  • parts are not testable
  • parts cannot be used for fit & function
  • any tooling made cannot be used for production (throw-away)
  • tight registration of printed graphics to tooling are not available with this method of protyping                 


This type of prototyping involves a combination of processes such as hand filing, wire cutting and hand forming but includes hard tooling.                     


  • quicker turn around time versus production tools
  • low cost compared to production tools
  • parts may be testable (this depends on the type of test)
  • portions of the tooling may be salvageable for production


  • limited to 100 to 300 pieces
  • longer lead time and more costly than throw-away tools
  • parts cannot be used for fit & function
  • registration of printed graphics to tooling is not always consistent


Pre-production prototype tooling involves a combination of processes generally using tooling very similar to production. The tooling is 75% production ready.                   


  • faster turn around than production
  • parts may be testable (this depends on the type of test)
  • lower cost than production tooling
  • tooling may be used in production (additional work will need to be done to complete the tooling for production)
  • tight registration of printed graphics to tooling as in production


  • limited to 300 to 1000 pieces
  • dies are not hardened
  • more expensive than throw-away and semi-production tooling
  • longer turn around time than throw-away and semi-production     

Blanking, embossing and forming are only part of the equation when designing a nameplate. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements in nameplate and label prototyping.  Our Sales Managers are available to discuss your specific needs whether on plastic or metal.  

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