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This article is part of a series of articles from my co-workers on their favorite nameplates.  Judy Webber, our guest blogger this week, is very familiar with the wide variety of nameplates manufactured by Northern Engraving.  She turns nameplates into works of art when she assembles them into our nameplate display boards.  See some of her work in our nameplate stop motion video featuring nameplates on metal and plastic. 

durable aluminum engine badgeBeing in the sample department I see hundreds of nameplates everyday.  When asked to pick a favorite several come to mind, but the silver Mustang engine cover nameplate gets my vote.  The size of this nameplate will catch your eye, but this unique high end piece exhibits a very deep emboss that will get your attention above the others.  I try to include this nameplate on most of our display boards as it adds to the wow factor.  The only decoration is a soft silver metallic background.  No graphics are needed to recognize this galloping horse and what it stands for.



Judy Webber Design Sample Coordinator

Judy works in the Northern Engraving Design Center.  She is responsible for filling sample requests and assembling displays.



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