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Favorite nameplates and finishes, when you work with labels and badges everyday, you do have ones you like better for one reason or another.  Just as I've asked my fellow co-workers to write a short note on their favorite finish, they are also writing a post on their favorite nameplate.  Each person brings a unique perspective to the discussion.  Following is our first guest blogger article on the subject of favorite nameplates.

Guest Blogger

Randy Schultz | Design Process Engineer Randy Schultz Design Process Engineer
Randy works in the Northern Engraving Design Center.  He is responsible for processing of samples and prototypes.

My favorite nameplate that Northern Engraving makes is the Jaguar Growler badge. It is a steering wheel insert used in the Jaguar X-Type, one of the first things that a customer sees when they get into the car.  The reason I like this badge is because of the fine detail in the Jaguar logo.  The contrast of aluminum with a rich piano black background and the 3-D emboss of the face gives it the appearance the jaguar's face is almost jumping out of the badge at you.  Adding spin gives the face movement, as if the eyes of the Jaguar follow you when the badge is moved from side to side.  Using multiple unique processes you can design a one of a kind emblem.  This badge is a great representation of what Northern Engraving can do in a nameplate.  It is also represents what our customer, Jaguar, stands for, class and elegance.

Jaguar Steering Badge

What are your thoughts on this nameplate?  Do you have a favorite nameplate?  If so, which one and why? 



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