Selecting a Nameplate Adhesive

Adhesive Backed Nameplates 

nameplate with adhesive

Choosing the appropriate adhesive for your nameplate, label or badge includes careful consideration of application and environmental factors.  Adhesive recommendations are made based on the type of substrate the nameplate is applied to and the specs the bond needs to meet.  Here is a brief check list that will assist you in choosing the correct adhesive.


What type of substrate is your nameplate attached to?
Is the mating surface smooth or textured?
What shape is the substrate surface (curved or flat)?


What environment will the nameplate be exposed to?

   •interior or exterior
   •temperature (high or low)
   •UV light

Other Considerations in Choosing an Adhesive

How will you be applying the nameplate?
What are your storage requirements?
What specs does the bond need to meet?
Is ability to reposition after initial application desired?

Knowing the answers to these questions will assist us in helping you pick the adhesive to fit your needs.  We can help with recommendations providing technical data sheets and testing as needed. 

We offer 3MTM and NECAL adhesives.  We can provide you with suggested alternatives and technical data sheets to support our recommendations.

What questions do you have regarding adhesives?  Are there environmental factors to consider in selecting an adhesive for your application?

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