3-D Embossed Nameplates

Dimensional Emboss

3D embossed Mustang engine nameplate

The sculptural dimension of a 3-D emboss is the perfect fit for many logos. The Ford Mustang engine cover nameplate is an example of the detail which can be achieved when embossing aluminum. The Mustang logo is bright aluminum with a metallic silver background.

A 3-D emboss requires forms with gradual changes. Abrupt changes in height could cause the aluminum to break out. 

Mack trucks embossed Bulldog nameplate

Applying an adhesive to a nameplate with a 3-D emboss is typically done after the embossing operation helping to maximize detail in the emboss.  The Mack Trucks nameplate is manufactured with a foam adhesive laminated to the part for assembly.  The bulldog logo is bright aluminum with a brushed background.

Lancome embossed Rose cosmetic cover

The 3-D emboss on these nameplates is further enhanced with selective brushing and printing.  Critical alignment of printing to the emboss is achieved through a print development process. Decorated aluminum is embossed.  The artwork is adjusted to allow for any distortion of the metal which occurs during the embossing process. The final distorted artwork is pulled into alignment during the embossing process. The Lancome rose logo has intricate detail embossed into the metal. 

The embossing tools for these nameplates were handcrafted by toolmakers working from large scale visual models. CAD data can also be used in the development of a 3-D emboss.

Do you have a logo that is a good candidate for a 3-D emboss? Let's talk!

Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels

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Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels