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Aluminum Vehicle Nameplates

The automotive industry demands appealing, lightweight and durable vehicle graphics.  Aluminum nameplates are an attractive option meeting the demands of interior and exterior automotive applications.  Typical applications for aluminum emblems and badges in an automobile include:

     •Steering Wheel Badges
     •Engine Cover Nameplates
     •VIN Plates
     •Wheel Inserts
     •Sill Plates

A wide range of options in decorating and forming aluminum allow you to design eye-catching emblems for your brand image.  Protective coating on the nameplate provides a barrier of protection from the environment.  Options in emblem design include:

     •Aluminum finish - bright, brushed, spun 
     •Multi-color printing 
     •Transparent and metallic colors
     •Embossed 2D or 3D graphics
     •Coined textures
     •Rolled or formed edge 
     •Application - adhesive or tabs

How would you translate your brand on to an aluminum badge?

Aluminum Nameplate and Plastic Label Options Whitepaper



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