Mixed Metal Yearbook Nameplates

Silver and Gold Finishes on Aluminum

Mixed metal surfaces are a popular trend which have been seen in nameplate design.  Aluminum can be printed with various transparent color to simulate stainless steel, brass, copper and gold.  The metal surfaces come together creating refined product identification.

Mixed Metal Nameplate

class of 2009 yearbook nameplate

The 2009 yearbook nameplate illustrates the use of a mixed metal finish.  Selective mechanical finishes are layered with a transparent gold tint of color.  The gold combines with a silver finish for a label which will coordinate across a variety background colors.

Yearbook Nameplates with Adhesive Back

class of 2008 yearbook nameplate class of 2007 yearbook nameplate class of 2006 yearbook nameplate class of 2005 yearbook nameplate class of 2004 yearbook nameplate class of 2003 yearbook nameplate class of 2002 yearbook nameplate class of 1999 yearbook nameplateclass of 2001 yearbook nameplate   class of 2000 yearbook nameplate

The mixed metal theme is further explored in the series of yearbook nameplates.  Printed texture adds detailed pattern while selective brushing adds movement to many of the yearbook labels.  Anodizing and engine turn add options in authentic metal surfaces for the nameplates. 

How would you integrate mixed metal surfaces into product identification?  

Aluminum Nameplate and Plastic Label Options Whitepaper



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