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Beautyrest mattress label domed mylarDomed Mattress Label

I was reminded of this label as my family and I did some window shopping at a local furniture store and came across pillow top mattresses. Branding for this type of consumer product relies on both the product's feel as well as the ability of the look of the mattress to grab attention. Many mattresses showcase the brand via a decorated piece of material that is sewn into the side wall. The element for this label that has always caught my eye is that it is not made from fabric. 

Transparent purple tints and printed halftones speak of elegance for this chrome polyester label. The "World Class" classification is highlighted with emboss tooling. An overall urethane dome (Flexlens) provides protection for the decoration. Attachment is achieved through a combination of pressure sensitive adhesive and the label being sewn into the mattress housing. The result is a beautiful label drawing attention and inviting consumers to reach out and touch it. 

How would you grab attention for your flexible label?

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