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Multi-Level Formed Aluminum Trim

Multi-level formed aluminum, textured pattern on aluminumOne of my favorite sets of parts is this wireless remote control aluminum trim. It is such a sleek design and demands to be touched. There are two components to this set - the round insert decorated with spun aluminum accented with dimensional embossed function buttons and the formed aluminum trim with bright wiped over edges, decorated with high gloss texture pattern on low gloss black background. The two pieces fit together for a premium look with subtle detail.

Formed Aluminum Considerations

Form dies need to take into consideration the skirt length and bend radius.  Dimensional print/CAD files are generally needed to fully understand and determine the tooling required.

•  Minimum skirt length of .040" 
•  Maximum skirt length of .200"
•  Minimum bend radius of .040"

A form die requires further discussion and understanding for the attachment to the end product. Depending on which attachment is used, there may be requirement for additional adhesive or assembly operations in the tooling process.

Now that you see possibility to design functionality into the shape and form of decorative aluminum trim, how will you use this? We can help!

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