5 Most Common Nameplate Questions, Answered

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Selecting a supplier for your nameplate or decorative trim typically means more than finding the lowest price. You want to find that supplier who will meet your order needs with quality, care and concern. Common questions arise and you look for which supplier can provide positive answers. It's all part of that selection process. Here are the top five questions regarding nameplate and trim production and our answers.

1. What types of material do you work with?

Metal nameplates and trim offer a premium appearance.  Aluminum is the preferred metal substrate because it is versatile offering a diverse range of options for decorating and forming.  Stainless steel nameplates are also popular. 

Type of Metal Thickness
Aluminum .012" - .060"
Stainless Steel 304 .012" - .032"
Stainless Steel 430 .012" - .032"

Plastic nameplates, labels and overlays are attractive options for your brand.  A wide variety of decorative processes and substrates are available to meet your needs for functionality and aesthetics.

Type of Plastic Thickness Additional Options
Polyester (Mylar®, Melinex .002" - .008"    bright chrome, clear, brushed chrome, white, rainbow
Polycarbonate (Lexan®) .005" - .060" textured, velvet, clear, matte, brushed
Vinyl .010" - .020" scuff resistant, black matte, white matte
Magnet .020"  

2. What is your minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum quantity for your production order. Manufacturing capacity is available for small quantities as well as million pieces. A minimum lot charge based on the complexity of the job is applied to small orders. 

3. What is your production lead time?

Standard production lead time is four weeks from receipt of your purchase order for repeat orders. Your first order for a project launch, however, is dependent on tooling build and sample approval. For those first orders, timing will be communicated. Communication of your timeline and production needs is key so that we can do our best to accommodate. Requests for expedite can be reviewed for availability and pricing.

4. When can I expect a quote?

You can expect a formal quote via email from our Cost Department within 3-5 days from quote submission. This timing can vary depending on the complexity of the project as well as any questions that may arise regarding tooling, processing or if special purchase material is required. Be sure to submit necessary artwork files as well as any testing specifications with your request for quote so that appropriate costs are compiled. 

5. Do you have a sales rep that can meet with us?

Yes. Your first interaction may be through our Customer Service or Inside Sales teams. There are times where you need that face-to-face meeting with your development team. For this, a dedicated Regional Sales team and manufacturer's representatives across the United States, Europe and Asia provide local service and attention for projects. The Sales Force interacts with Customer Service and Manufacturing to ensure quality product on time to your satisfaction. 


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