Brushed Gun Metal Aluminum Gear Knob

Brushed Gun Metal Gear Knob aluminum trimBrushed Gun Metal Aluminum Gear Knob

Sometimes it's the little things that capture attention and therefore make the most of a product's design. One of the neatest automotive trim pieces that we work with in my opinion are gear knobs. These are functional pieces of trim and yet they need to be attractive and match the look of the vehicle. The gear knob is one of the pieces of trim which is touched every time the vehicle is used. Therefore, it should be expected that it will get quite a bit of attention. 

Pictured is a brushed gun metal tinted aluminum in its gear knob assembly. It provides a sleek and sporty look. This trim piece is attached to a plastic carrier through heat staking made possible with mating features created during aluminum inmold processing. The end result is a premium interior trim piece which certainly grabs attention for borth driver and passenger.

Where could you use brushed aluminum?

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