Nameplate Differentiation through Metallic Color

metallic nameplate metallic nameplate
metallic nameplate metallic nameplate

Combining metallic colors with authentic metal finishes, like bright or brushed aluminum, creates an increased perceived value. The ability to differentiate a nameplate design can also be achieved through the use of metallics. This cost-effective option depicts an etched appearance on aluminum, and accordingly changes the tone and color of your design. Metallic effects range from fine metallic to coarse metallic and can be added to a variety of colors and can be paired with a variety of finishes. The most common references to metallic colors include gold, silver and bronze. In addition, metallics can be applied to the graphics or background of your nameplate or badge, or it can be integrated into the entire composition.

The Amana nameplates shown above are unique due to the combination of various metallic colors. These nameplates also incorporate bright and brushed aluminum accents paired with the desired metallic finish. You will also notice lines across the background, which help to separate the change in metallic finish color. These nameplates emphasize the fact that metallic effects create richness, and added interest, signifying a custom product.

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