Surfaces on Aluminum Blog Articles of Interest from 2013

Thought I'd pull together the posts from 2013 which sparked the most interest. Enjoy!

 silver surface collection ebook    

Silver Surface Collections eBook - Aluminum Finish Resource
Design resource features the color silver for selection of aluminum finishes for nameplates and trim.    

2013 Holiday Card

How It's Made | 2013 Aluminum Holiday Card
Layers of brushed aluminum with rich transparent tints of purple color come together for a fun, yet elegant Holiday Card.

Juxtaposed Aluminum Finishes

Juxtaposed Aluminum Surfaces
Contrasting aluminum finishes are brought together with the use of bright beads.  

Layered Brushed Aluminum

New Aluminum Surfaces - Layered Dimensional Structures
Sneak Peak at new aluminum finishes featuring layered selective brushing enhanced with textures for dimension.  

2013 Auto Show Thumbnail

2013 Detroit Auto Show - Featured Aluminum Trim
A short video slideshow showcasing some of Northern Engravings' aluminum finishes featured at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.  

Top 10 Aluminum Surface Collection

Aluminum Trim and Surface Design Resource
Popular surface collections featuring aluminum finishes for nameplates and trim, compiled into categories by color, structure and theme.  

Optic Aluminum Finishes

Optic Aluminum Surfaces
Series of aluminum finishes featuring tightly spaced textured lines that create primary and secondary patterns as light follows the line contours. 

Dimensional Aluminum Finishes

New Aluminum Surfaces - Dimensional Structures
Sneak peak of some new dimensional aluminum surfaces exploring simple geometric shapes.  

Ocular Aluminum Finishes

Ocular Diamond Aluminum Texture
Aluminum finishes which feature optical textures that flip with the light, creating movement.  

Dimensional Aluminum Finishes

Dimensional Aluminum Surfaces
Simple geometric shapes and dimensional weaves translated to aluminum with printed halftones and screened textures for added depth.  

What topics would you like to see covered in 2014? Share below!



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