How It's Made | 2013 Aluminum Holiday Card

Each year our Design team takes a look at common decorating processes used across the globe in industries from automotive and appliance trim to motorcycle badging and cosmetic appliques. This review sparks inspiration for the annual Holiday Card as a way to showcase processes and decoration options on aluminum. It's always a treat to see what is in the works and then to watch it evolve and take shape. This year's card is elegant, yet playful - taking cues from the popularity of visual dimension achieved with layers of mechanical finishes and textures.

2013 Aluminum Holiday Card

2013 Christmas Card Steps Fanned resized 600

Whimsical Swirls

Multiple directions of selective brushing on the aluminum provide the branches of the tree. Layering these mechanical finishes produces movement to the design so that the light can play with the reflective qualities of the aluminum. There is a two-tone look to the tree as certain areas catch the light and others fade into the background.

Rich Halftones

The background adds transparent purple colors with more festive swirls, drops and bright stars, creating another layer of movement and visual dimension for the aluminum finish. Halftones add depth. 

Enamel White

Screened enamel white snowflakes and text offer a tactile element to complete the design. The intricate shape of the flakes and font style are held to tight tolerances to ensure consistent decoration and repeatability in production.

How It's Made 

Sit back, turn on your speakers and let this quick video walk you through steps taken to create this year's card. Enjoy!


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