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Background decoration for aluminum nameplates can be simple - just a light brushed effect can satisfy many design requirements. A nice way to dress up that background is to use a spun effect. Clock and watch faces are natural shapes for this type of decoration. Here are some examples. Enjoy.

Aluminum clock faces with spun backgroundsEach of these timepieces are circle shapes so the spin is a natural choice to enhance the decoration. A transparent gold tint on the aluminum allows the detail of the spin to show through and catch the light so that the shimmer of the mechanical finish on the metal is seen.

One of the nice things working with aluminum material is that virtually any color can be used for the decoration and it will show nicely on the finished product. Below is a clock face which shows transparent green color over the spun aluminum background and transparent gold tint over the embossed numbers. You see the same type of shimmer and movement behind the color as the above examples. 

Spun aluminum clock face

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