Luxurious Piano Black Finish on Metal

Aluminum Holiday Card

piano black aluminum finish

The inspiration for the finishes used in this design came from our interaction with customers in a variety of industries around the world.  We receive many requests to create a premium look on metal whether working on the design of a nameplate or interior trim.  Aluminum is a versatile substrate with numerous decorative options for printing and forming.  Piano black is one of the often requested finishes when creating a luxurious look on aluminum.  Whether combined with bright aluminum or mechanical finishes, it commands a premium look. 

This holiday card design relies purely on decorating options layering brush, spin and piano black finishes together to create depth and movement.  The design illustrates an elegant look achieved without the need for embossing.  Each year we look forward to sharing our holiday card with customers and suppliers.  Over the years, a diverse group of designs have been created which illustrate many of the options available to you in the design of product identification and finish development.  Explore the entire collection to understand the options available to you.



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