Color Specifying for Product Identification

Nameplate_Color_GroupFree Color Specifying eBook for Nameplates

Design Your Nameplate or Label in Color 

In this FREE eBook you will:

  • Learn the basics of color specification, from defining opaque, transparent and metallic colors to specifying gloss.
  • Discover additional considerations in color development on metal substrates.
  • Understand the evaluation of color and how environment impacts your perception.
  • Learn how to assure the color on your nameplate meets your durability requirements.

The Color Specifying Guide is designed to be informative and practical. It offers useful examples of color translations, comparisons of color on multiple aluminum substrates, and samples representing opaque color converted into transparent tints and metallic color. Use this guide as a workbook – take notes, highlight what you find helpful, share what you learn with your colleagues and start driving the process of specifying and managing color.

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