Mustang GT | Engine Cover Nameplate

Mustang GT engine badge

The Mustang GT nameplate is a classic design right at home on the engine of this legendary muscle car.  The background is low gloss brushed aluminum with the GT logo embossed in bright aluminum.  The design includes a multi-level emboss and deboss.

Nameplate Attachment

selective badge adhesive

Attachment features on this nameplate are unique combining mechanical fastening with adhesive.  Rivets are used for a tough look.  Holes are pierced and pockets debossed for the rivets.  However, if you flip the part over you see an open cell foam adhesive applied selectively to the part.  This type of adhesive promotes adhesion to uneven surfaces.  It is temperature and environmental resistant.  The adhesive includes a polyester liner with a tear tab to aid in simplifying the assembly process.


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