Vintage Cigar Label Reproductions on Aluminum

Aluminum Match Box Inspiration

lady cigar matchbox front

This series of aluminum match box cover designs was inspired by colorful vintage cigar labels.  Each cigar label is a mini masterpiece designed to entice buyers into choosing a particular brand.  Cigar label art has been collected by many for over a hundred years.  Translation of the colorful and ornate artwork onto metal was a perfect match.

The design above is reproduced using process color to capture the full range of color in the original label.  The naturally reflective surface of the metal is used to add depth to the metallic accents.  Printed texture adds further detail.

lady cigar matchbox back

The pattern on the back of the match box plays off of the embroidery in the lady's jacket.  Our interpretation of this motif results in an eye-catching finish with movement created through selective brushing and printed texture.

castle hall matchbox grip

The elegance and simplicity of this design continues to be one of my favorite.  The jewel-like quality of this piece is an excellent example of aluminum decoration.  Transparent tints of color are printed on brushed and bright aluminum.  Selective gloss levels emphasize key aspects of the design.  Printed texture adds to the piece both visually and tactilely.  Holding the match box in your hand and moving it slightly highlights details as the light catches them. 

castle hall aluminum matchbox grip back

The back side of each of the match boxes is as equally interesting as the front.  Designing the front of the matchbox involved interpreting the existing artwork onto metal.  Designing the back involved identifying an element in the original design to be translated into a pattern.  We wanted the pattern on the back to have as much depth and movement as the vintage reproduction on the front.

The match boxes are manufactured using the same processes used to manufacture nameplates for product identification.  The designs illustrate the level of detail available in nameplates.  They also illustrate the flexibility of the product to be used for packaging and point of purchase materials.  What ideas does this give you for using the versatility aluminum on a project?

nameplate samples


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