Exercise and Fitness Equipment Nameplates

aluminum NUSTEP badge

Exercise equipment uses both metal and plastic labels for product branding.  NuStep has an interesting story behind the evolution of their metal nameplate design.  The logo is printed and embossed on aluminum.  The initial design shown above combined the graphics with a bright aluminum.  The result is an eye-catching nameplate.

fitness equipment nameplate

An interesting twist came when the fitness equipment was featured prominently on a major network show.  The reflective surface in the background of the nameplate caught the bright lights and made the logo difficult to read.  A simple change to the background made the brand name stand out clearly.  Adding a magnet to the back allowed the branding to be moved when the cameras were rolling further guaranteeing visibility.  

This is an example of one of the stories behind one of our nameplates.  There are many more.  Do you have an interesting story to tell about a nameplate?  Share it in the comments below.

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