Nameplate Adhesives FAQ

A wide range of adhesives are available in nameplate manufacturing.  Our customer service representatives are available to help walk you through your options.  In addition, here is a listing of some of the most frequently asked questions about metal and plastic nameplate adhesives.

nameplateQ) What type of adhesive do I need for my nameplate?

A) Adhesive recommendations are made based on the type of substrate the nameplate is applied to and the specs the bond needs to meet.  We can help with recommendations providing technical data sheets and testing as needed.

Q) Do you offer 3MTM adhesives?

A) Yes.  We also offer Necal adhesives as cost effective alternative to 3MTM adhesives.  You make the choice.  We can provide you with suggested alternatives and technical data sheets to support our recommendations.

Q) Can I have a selective adhesive on my nameplate?

A) Yes.  Selective adhesive can be applied through screen printing or as an assembled die cut piece.  Screen printed adhesives are applied in a very thin layer and allow tighter control of tolerance.  Die cut adhesives is appropriate for thicker adhesives and foam adhesives. 

Q) Can you supply parts with a tab for assistance in removal of the adhesive liner?

A) Yes.  There are several tab options available depending on your needs.  We will work with you recommending solutions to assist you in assembly of your nameplate to your product. 



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