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A wide range of metal and plastic substrates are available in nameplate manufacturing.  Our customer service representatives are available to help walk you through your options.  In addition, here is a listing of some of the most frequently asked questions about metal and plastic nameplate substrates.

Metal Substrate FAQ

aluminum nameplateQ) What type of metal can I use for my nameplate?

A) Most nameplates are manufactured on aluminum due to the cost and versatility of the substrate. Nameplates are also offered on steel and brass to meet your needs.

Q) What are your standard metals used in nameplates?

A) Standard metal substrates and thicknesses available are:

•   aluminum / .012" - .060"
•   stainless steel 304 / .018" - .032"
•   stainless steel 430 / .018" - .032"

Q) What type of aluminum is available?
A) Not all types and temper are available in all thicknesses and sizes of aluminum.  Standards types of aluminum are 1100, 3003, 1050, 8014 and 5657. 

Plastic Substrate FAQ

plastic labelQ) What material do you recommend for attachment to a curved surface?

A) A thin polyester substrate is suggested for nameplates applied to products with a slightly contoured surface.

Q) What are your standard polycarbonate materials?

A) Standard polycarbonate (Lexan®) materials available are:

•velvet texture  
•matte texture

Q) What are your standard polyester materials?

A) Standard polyester (Melinex®, Mylar®) materials available are:


Q) What are your standard vinyl materials?

A) Standard vinyl materials available are: 

•black matte
•white matte 


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