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navy aluminum military emblem marines aluminum military emblem
coast guard aluminum military emblem air force aluminum military emblem
army aluminum military emblem

This series of metal emblems is an excellent example of flat nameplates with a premium look.  The military seals rely on a combination of opaque and transparent colors printed on aluminum to add interest to the graphics.  Screen printed texture increases the perceived value.

The intricate detail in a seal, crest or coat of arms is a perfect candidate for translation to metal.  A wide variety of options are available in the printing and decorative processes to add movement and depth to the graphics.  Concept drawings were used early in this project to aid in the exploration of decorative options available on aluminum in a cost effective and timely manner.  Samples of aluminum nameplates helped to illustrate the possibilities. 

Standard printing processes on aluminum were used to reproduce the seals in extraordinary detail.  Use of a common shape for the emblems allowed one tool to be used for the entire series.  The emblems are adhesive backed for assembly.

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