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simulated electroformed nameplate
Embossed aluminum nameplates are often considered as an alternative to electroformed nameplates.  Aluminum nameplates offer crisp definition of graphics and tooled textures.  Surfaces come to life when bright metal finishes are combined with opaque and transparent colors.


Cadillac Aluminum Emblem
Aluminum offers additional process options to be incorporated into emblems which create a unique representation of your brand.  Selective brushing, spinning, gloss and diamond cutting are process options for further customization and differentiation of your unique image.

Aluminum versus Electroformed Nameplates

Typically the piece price for an embossed aluminum nameplate is lower than the piece price for an electroformed nameplate.  Aluminum nameplates require an investment in tooling.  This combination is an attractive option for high volume product branding needs.

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Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels