Yamaha Logo - Molded Feature for Nameplate Alignment

Alignment of a Round Aluminum Dial

molded Yamaha nameplate

The Yamaha dial is an attractive nameplate for product branding.  What caught my attention was not the front but the back of the part.

back of molded Yamaha nameplate tab detail of Yamaha nameplate

We are often asked how we can assure proper alignment on the product.  This becomes even more critical on round dials.  There are several options for helping to locate the part on the product.  This one caught my attention because it isn't used as often.  The badge relies on a molded feature for alignment.  The part is embossed into a dome with formed edges.  The back of the part is filled with a molded backplate creating a smooth surface for attachment to recreational vehicles.  A recess is molded into the backplate to facilitate placement of the badge.  A pressure sensitive adhesive, with a tab for easy removal of the carrier, is used for attachment. 

A challenge in the design of this part was assuring the alignment of the backplate to the nameplate.  This was done with an aluminum tab nesting into a molded feature.  Key to the success of the tab was minimizing any distortion in the side of the badge.

Have you ran into the challenge of needing to assure proper alignment of a round nameplate or dial on a product?  How have you solved this issue?   

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