Aluminum for Promotional Marketing Piece? Yes!

aluminum bookmark promotional marketing piecePromotional items are common ways for companies to get their name out to prospective customers or to provide a thank you to long-time customers. Have you considered using aluminum as the material for your next promotional marketing piece? Here's why you should.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum has characterstics which make it friendly for manufacturing and tooling. You have the ability to decorate both sides of the metal. This means that your design does not need to be limited or held back for any reason. Use aluminum for marketing yourself or celebrating milestones of success for these reasons: 

● Cost effective
● Light weight
● Corrosion resistant
● Versatile decorating options

Applicable Scenarios

The possibilities for using aluminum in self promotion are limited only by your imagination! Weddings, grand openings, graduations, share contact information, anniversary tributes. Any of these scenarios are great opportunities for differentiating yourself and making the moment memorable.

Promotional items are typically needed quickly and will be ordered just once. When you are looking at using metal for this purpose, flat stock dies can be used to take advantage of existing stamping tools for the aluminum so you don't have to wait for a custom tool build.

Will you use aluminum for your next promotional marketing piece? Let's talk!

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