Decorative Metal Match Box

Metal Match Box Cover

The versatility of aluminum is illustrated in metal match box covers.  The processes used to make a logo or brand come to life on a nameplate are the same processes brought together in metal match boxes.

The intricate Thai metalwork design on this match box has movement and visual depth built into the design.  Selective brushing is used to add flip. The mechanical finishes are layered with printed halftones and textures to complete the design.

Standard and Custom Designs

The metal match box designs are offered in the standard size shown and two larger options appropriate for lighting candles and fireplaces.  A wide variety of designs are available ranging from holiday to vintage travel poster designs.  The aluminum match box covers or grips can also be customized for use as a promotional product or giveaway.

How would you integrate these processes into your own metal finish or nameplate?  What design would you like to see on an aluminum match box cover?

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