Can Warning and Safety Labels be used for Brand Identification? Yes!

Custom ANSI Warning and OSHA Safety Labels

Aluminum warning label with custom brand identification

In this day and age it is important for brand owners to be aware of danger or potential harm which could result while their product is in use. Can a warning label be used for branding? Absolutely! This type of label offers opportunity to provide valuable education or information about the product. As a result, this can differentiate from other brands in the market and give a competitive advantage.

Warning and caution labels are typically found on consumer products including household appliances and electronics. Beyond these items, there are federal requirements to ensure the safety of machine operators as well as passengers and drivers for off road vehicles, boats and other sport or outdoor equipment.

Standard ANSI or OSHA cautionary designs provide the minimum information to be posted based on the potential severity of harm. Is that enough? Some OEMs take these cautionary labels further. There is opportunity for safety labels to reinforce the correct operation of the machine, vehicle or device. This can be seen as responsible corporate behavior and set those OEMs apart from others who provide just the basic information.

Substrate Options for Warning Labels

Aluminum is a popular substrate for warning labels that are attached to sport and outdoor equipment. It is durable and with proper coating stands up to exposure to elements and chemicals. Decoration is achieved with standard printing and screening processes. 

Warning Labels Metal Group

Chrome polyester, vinyl and polycarbonate are plastic substrate options which can be used for safety abels and caution or danger decals. These are also durable and will hold up against tough environments. Printing, screening and digital print decorating processes are available.

Warning Labels Plastic Group

Warning Label Attachment

Pressure sensitive adhesive is a common choice to use for attachment of warning and caution labels to the end product. The label can also be designed with pierced holes for rivet or screw attachment. Be sure to communicate your specific requirements so that appropriate recommendations can be made. 


Your product can stand out from the competition even with its regulated labels and tags. Aluminum and plastic materials provide durable solutions for decorating. Your text can simply satisfy the safety requirements for your product, or there is opportunity to customize and provide more user education or information.  

Need more information on how to customize your aluminum warning or plastic caution labels? Let's talk!

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