High Speed Heron

Dell Nameplate Goes to the Birds

It is often surprising when you start watching for nameplates how many you find.  Nameplates are in our homes and our businesses on products that we use every day.  They are even showing up in some of the local art.  The LaCrosse Pump House has sponsored a public art project, Herons of LaCrosse, which includes 36 large heron sculptures located on the streets of Onalaska and LaCrosse.  One sculpture, High Speed Heron, features a Dell nameplate made here in Sparta. 

Herons of LaCrosse

We thought this was a creative use of a nameplate and wanted to share it.  All of the sculptures are interesting and worth a visit.

Dell nameplate on heron

Start looking for nameplates and you'll be surprised how many you see in a day.  Who knows maybe you'll even come across some interesting artwork.

Have you seen any creative unexpected uses of nameplates?


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