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Nameplate Options WhitepaperNameplate Options

When designing an aluminum or stainless steel nameplate, a polycarbonate overlay or a polyester label, the possibilities can be overwhelming and downright frustrating.  A popular resource that has been viewed and downloaded over 3,000 times is the Nameplate Options Whitepaper.   

This easy-to-read resource breaks down the materials and processes into sections for basic aluminum, premium aluminum, plastic and tooling processes.  Learn about color, ways to enhance your nameplate or label and tooling options.

Basic Aluminum
●   Color - metallic, opaque, transparent or process color 
●   Gloss - low, medium, high or selective 
●   Enhanced - doming with Norlens or adding pattern/texture

Premium Aluminum
●   Mechanical - diamond cut, engine stripe, engine turn, brush, spin or laser etch
●   Chemical - anodize, etch or etch and fill

●   Color - metallic, opaque, back lit, transparent, dead front or process color
●   Enhanced - brush, doming with Flexlens, texture, pattern or hardcoat

●   Aluminum - coin, deboss, etch emboss, cut emboss, 3-D emboss, form, Singular ID, Nova Trim
●   Plastic - emboss, form, NECODome

No matter if you are just starting out with your product identification or if you are looking to update or freshen up your design, this resource provides valuable information.  It is an overview of the standard processes used for both metal and plastic substrates.

What other resources would be helpful for you?  Share ideas below!

Aluminum Nameplate and Plastic Label Options Whitepaper 

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