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Patina finishes on aluminum

Patinaed finishes on aluminum showcase craftsmanship and character. Finishes in this series can be used to give a well-used or aged decoration to your aluminum nameplate or trim. 

Explore the possibilities:

●   Handcrafted 
●   Brushed Layers
●   Antiqued Finishes

Use as seen or customize to fit your design. 

Patinaed Finishes on Aluminum 

Aged looks with movement and depth achieved with brushed aluminum and half tones.

Inspiration taken from nature evolves into patina imagery with white tones on aluminum.

The look of worn stone and granite comes to life on metal surfaces.  

Contemporary Aged
Patina structures in copper and bronze colors wtih various brushing or textures 

Worn Beauty
Warm and cool colors combine for mixed metal, distressed and industrial looks.

Fine details and highlights with textures and tones give the look of hammered aluminum.

Overlapping halftones play with natural highlights of metal.

Varying degrees of textures and gloss levels combine for well-used looks on aluminum.


This free resource is provided for inspiration and ideally will spur some conversations as you work through your next project. Any of the finishes shown are customizable in size and color. They can also be reviewed for translation and interpretation to other substrates like stainless steel and polycarbonate. You are invited to download a copy for your own reference. Share with your clients and colleagues.

What other resources would be helpful for you?  Share your ideas below!  

Micro Surface Collection eBook - Aluminum Finishes

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