Green Finishes on Aluminum

So many times finishes on aluminum start out as silver or grey. Here are some familiar structures which have been developed with green in mind. These are great reminders that aluminum finishes are available in color.


Spin and brushing techniques combined with transparent tints of color and printed texture are used to create this group of  finishes.  A simple technical or geometric structure takes on a bold new look when printed in bright colors. A low gloss finish on a tinted brush takes on the richness of anodized finish. The options in structure are as varied as your options in color. 

clover finishes


A full palette of custom colors are available on aluminum trim. Red, blue, white or green, in vivid brights or muted pastels, finishes are custom matched to meet your project needs. While grey, gold, copper and bronze may be seen most often... think about the alternatives. How would use a vivid color in product trim?  What product would be a good fit for this bold treatment? 

Want to know more about defining color for aluminum trim? Let's talk!

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