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Micro Surface Collections

Micro finishes on aluminumMicro structures for decorated finishes on aluminum are those which have design elements showing small scale and very close alignment. Lines, dots, squares, ovals – all have potential.
Use as seen or customize to fit your design. 

Explore the possibilities:

●   Balanced Structures
●   Familiar Shapes
●   Geometric Grids
●   Precise Registration 

Micro Finishes on Aluminum 

Varying shades and gloss levels of black on black patterns on aluminum.

Square Up
Authentic aluminum finishes building off of simple geometric grid patterns.

Textures on brushed aluminum defined with fine details and crisp alignment.   

Patterns which from a distance appear as tinted brushed aluminum while up close detail shows balanced structures of dots, squares and ovals. 

Bright aluminum dots and lines combined with enamel white or piano black backgrounds.

Combinations of matte and glossy textures explored on brushed aluminum or black backgrounds.

Color infused with screened micro textures for precise patterns on aluminum.

Brushed aluminum serves as the background to show off familiar dots, dashes and hexagon shapes.

Linear structure patterns on aluminum using selective brush and texture for modern look and feel.

Real World
Simple dot patterns in various scales coupled with transparent tints of color and 3D textures on aluminum.


This free resource is provided for inspiration and ideally will spur some conversations as you work through your next project. Any of the finishes shown are customizable in size and color. They can also be reviewed for translation and interpretation to other substrates like stainless steel and polycarbonate. You are invited to download a copy for your own reference. Share with your clients and colleagues.

What other resources would be helpful for you?  Share your ideas below!  

Micro Surface Collection eBook - Aluminum Finishes

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