Jaguar XF Aluminum Vent Covers

Jaguar XF interior  Jaguar XF aluminum vent cover


Jaguar XF aluminum finish




Aluminum in-mold
Screen printed texture


Jaguar XF Hidden Air Vents


• Design and manufacture concealed air vents
• Accent aluminum trim with chrome beads and graphics


The almost seamless dash of the Jaguar XF features a band of textured aluminum trim framing the air vents, touchscreen and console controls. The aluminum air vents disappear when the starter button is pressed and rotate into view when the engine is turned off. Our engineers worked with Jaguar Design and Engineering to design air vents meeting the aesthetic needs of the project while creating manufacturing feasible decorative trim. Two challenges in the engineering of the rotary vents were the limited space available and the critical alignment of the components. The aluminum in-mold process was used to help meet these challenges.

A textured aluminum surface, inspired by a knurled finish, was custom created for Jaguar. The screen printed pattern is applied selectively allowing the bright aluminum surface to be featured in accent beads and graphics.