Using Pattern for Dimension in Aluminum Nameplates

Just look at the dimension created when a technical pattern is used in the background!  The border of this nameplate appears to be a higher level than the background, resulting in perceived depth without need for a custom emboss tool.

XV1 dimensional nameplate
dimensional aluminum pattern on metal nameplateThe layering of mechanical finishes coupled with a textured pattern are what makes up the dimensional qualities of this aluminum nameplate.  It isn't over-powering for the brand; rather the robust background provides an elegant backdrop to showcase the name, without incurring additional tooling operations and expense.  Bringing the pattern in from the edges of the part creates a natural border which has the appearance of being raised up.  The difference between the low gloss aluminum and the high gloss texture of the pattern create additional depth, contributing to the perceived value of the product.


Can you incorporate a pattern into your next nameplate or trim design?  


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